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Valuefirst Moneynext is a paradigm to think of value creation and solution orientation as a way of life. We believe the wealth of an individual, institution, or market capitalisation of a company is a result of the value delivered to their respective stakeholders focussing on identifying "customer area of pain solved offering a moat solution" in exchange for a store of value. This philosophy defines CAPSOMS Ventures.

We at CAPSOMS are practitioners in the world of business and finance, with nuanced insights into the macroeconomy, having an ability to architect new systems, software, and technology. This is a powerful combination to productise solutions, creating exponential benefits to all stakeholders i.e learners, clients, partners, investors, and society.

We identify trends at the early stage and monitor for their implications, possibilities and call out the definitive impact of a trend on businesses in the 12-18 month period. Organisational leaders act to address the trend by aligning internal resources or planning a corporate action i.e fundraising, M&A, Alliances or Startup-up Investments to elongate their product/services lifecycle or a combination of these. We benchmark to global standards and associate with the world's best specialists.

Our value ethos is derived from the respective country's cultural roots of respect for the individual, family, and social good. We believe in being physically fit, emotionally balanced and mentally strong with an ability to compartmentalise issues for a productive daily rhythm.

We are different.


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